Zoran Culig


Treatment of non-localized prostate cancer has a considerable impact for elderly male population in the Western world and is a research topic of great interest. Therefore, it is of primary importance to perform research on androgen receptor and other validated targets in prostate cancer. 


Our research has been focused on various mechanisms of therapy resistance in prostate cancer. It is well-known that the androgen receptor has a key role in regulatory processes involved in resistance. In order to better urnderstand the reasons for resistance to drugs such as enzalutamide (endocrine therapy) and taxanes (chemotherapy) we currently focus on coactivators such as p300 and cellular stemness.   


In order to support high quality research in the field Medical University of Innsbruck has established Profesorship for Experimental Urology. Zoran Culig is Professor for Experimental Urology since January 2019. Group members are Dr. Frédéric Santer, Associate Professor, Dr. Martin Puhr, Senior Scientist, Martina Gruber, Ph.D. Student, and Tobias Furlan, Ph.D. Student. We are supported by Erasmus student Lavinia Ferrone and collaborate with Professor Helmut Klocker, Dr. Iris Eder-Neuwirt, Associate Professor, and Dr. Natalie Sampson, Associate Professor.


Active collaboration is in place with our Alumni members, Dr. Holger Erb at the Department of Urology of the University Hospital in Dresden and Dr. Florian Handle at the Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology, KU Leuven.


Our research has been recognized by several prestigious international and national awards by the European Association of Urology, Society for Basic Urological Research, C.E. Alken Foundation and others.


We are pleased to offer the following information about our research on the following pages: 

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